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We're brothers, sisters, friends, & foes coming together to help shape the future of soccer in America.

About Us Intro

About Us

If you've made it here, thank you for taking the leap of faith to learn more about The Global Football Culture. Whether you're a new fan, a niche fan, or somewhere in between, we're creating a community that breaks down barriers, builds relationships, and spreads the love on and off the pitch.

We believe in the power of quality education and sport to help drive positive change in our communities and around the world. From Division 1 college soccer, to the MLS website (lol), to our work with the Monrovia Football Academy, we've seen this game transcend the barriers of race, religion, age, and gender. Now we want to lead the charge and help inspire the next generation of soccer fans in America, in our communities, and around the world.

The Global FC was started with two goals in mind:


  1. To bridge the gap between the niche footballer and the new.

  2. To inspire the next generation of football fans in America and around the world.

Football for us has always been a catalyst for life. From the places we've been to the people we've met, football has guided us through the good times and the bad; it's taken us from Southern California, to post-ebola West Africa, and beyond. While these experiences are different and unique for their own reasons, much like our own personal football stories, one common theme always seems to emerge; football isn't the end-all be-all to your success, it's the beginning.

We encourage folks to understand the game The Global FC way so when things get tough, you'll have the skills to get up and keep fighting.

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