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Dear Jürgen

A sentimental note to Jürgen Klopp on the passing of his beloved mother, Elisabeth.

I’m writing this note as a member of the footballing community. Albeit a Liverpool fan and a biased opinion, the respect for greatness and innovation cannot be overlooked. From the outside looking in, your impact on the game has made its mark for generations to come.

From the entire football community, our deepest condolences to you, your family, and your beloved mother, Elisabeth.

I’m writing this with a heavy heart for the individuals and families that have been impacted by a global pandemic that nobody expected. Dreams and lives have been cut short far too early and the search for strength during these difficult times is hard to come by. 

A mother’s love is unmatched. More so than a father figure where he may be the head of the family, a mother is the neck; someone who can turn the head any which way she desires. While I do not know you, or your mother, I see a coach, mentor, friend, and son who exhibits what Mrs. Klopp was all about. Someone with passion, emotion, love, and a desire to make those around him better. Someone who expects perfection, but can empathize with others. Someone who can see the world differently than those around him. 

Using the ocean as an analogy, most people in this world live on the surface. A world consumed by media, tangible objects, and money; constant movement and turmoil, like waves crashing one after another after another. The next layer, just beneath the surface, is where you start to find a flow of consistency; still some movement, but closer to understanding the good and bad in this world. And at the very bottom, the darkest and deepest, you’ll find species unknown to mankind. A calmness unfazed by the movement and craziness of the outside world. These are the individuals who lead by example.

The next few days, months, and years will be filled with sorrow. You will cry and you will hurt at every moment you are reminded of your mother - and that’s ok. As you reflect on her beautiful life, think about everything she has prepared you for in the past and remember how you continue to defy critics time and time again. Carry your mother’s strength from within, in everything you do, and know she will always be looking down.

You’ll Never Walk Alone,

The Global F.C.

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