Off The Pitch

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

MLS Cup Champion turned Chief Growth Officer at FanThreeSixty. Learn how Sasha's commitment to education at a young age helped foster a winning culture on the pitch and in life.

(2002 LA Galaxy Team Calendar)

A few weeks ago we sat down with Club Eleven and Sasha Victorine to talk footy, life, and the evolving sports, entertainment, and technology space. Sasha, a former MLS and USMNT player, provides insight into his journey with soccer and how the dynamic of sports, coupled with a curiosity to keep learning, can help you find your passion. From world class soccer player to high performing C-suite executive, Sasha provides a unique perspective on life after hanging up the boots.

About Sasha

Sasha was drafted in the first round of the 2000 MLS Superdraft and enjoyed a successful 10 year career with the LA Galaxy, Kansas City Wizards, and Chivas USA upon retiring in 2010. During this span, he lifted the US Open Cup, the CONCACAF Champions League, and the MLS Cup playing an integral role in helping his teams pursue success on and off the pitch. Today, he resides with his family in Kansas City helping teams and leagues better understand and optimize the fan experience across different digital touchpoints.

To begin the virtual conversation we shared a few photos from his 01/02 LA Galaxy team to keep it casual, fun, and engaging. After a few laughs and a trip down memory lane, we dove into getting to know Sasha, his passions, and his journey from Division 1 college soccer at UCLA to Major League Soccer and beyond.


What inspired you to get involved with the game and where did your passion for soccer start?

I’ll go on a little bit of a tangent to start and then I’ll bring it back together here if that’s alright. I mentioned my interest in the behavioral economics side of things and there’s a great book out there called Drive. One of the things it talks about is this idea of intrinsic motivation; not being focused so much on the external factors, like your parents pushing you to do something, but rather focusing more on the internal drivers that fuel your desire to grow, develop, and naturally keep learning. This intrinsic motivation has been a passion of mine from the very beginning. I’ve had a drive from an early age and I think it starts with curiosity. The drive and the curiosity to continue to get better, learn and to do the work I think ultimately takes people from good to great. Anyones who’s able to accomplish things in life has this drive - not that you can’t without it, but a lot of times I’ve had a good portion of that.

For me, it started around when I was 3-4 years old in my neighborhood. Kids in the street were just kicking around soccer balls and I went and played with them. I enjoyed it, my parents started to recognize I was pretty decent at it and I started playing. I think one of the areas that made me really enjoy it over t