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The Future of Food & Footy

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Building on the recent excitement around how food and football collide and coexist in communities around the world, The Global FC and Fat Boy Food Culture have come together to bring these experiences and flavors to the comfort of your own home. Food to us has always been much more than sustenance; it’s been about the process, the technique, and the ultimate satisfaction of sitting down by yourself, or with others, to enjoy something you created with your own hands. To that note, it’s with great pleasure we announce our first collaboration with our friends over at FBFC to bring you a football-inspired recipe series to wet your taste buds and deliver the occasional flavor blast™.

Once a month, we’ll provide recipes from around the world that encourage us all to try new things and get creative. These recipes are meant to be quick, easy, and provide a small taste of all the amazing dishes that we can create on our own, with family, or with some of our closest friends. Now, more than ever, we see the need to create a safe space to have a laugh, have a drink, and kick back with those who matter most.


Homemade Guangzhou Dumplings

View recipe online OR Download below

001 - Guangzhou Dumplings Recipe
Download PDF • 11.97MB

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