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Uttarsanda, India

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Back in 2018, Global F.C. founder traveled to his home village of Uttarsanda, India for the first time. While it took 28 years to visit, he knew the experience would be life changing and eye opening. This photo series documents a typical day with family and friends. It starts with an early morning stroll, continues with kicking around with some local neighbors and ends with an evening wedding celebration through the streets of the village.

Fun Fact: Gujurat, India is a dry state, meaning alcohol is prohibited. While families can find ways of bringing alcohol from neighboring states, you won’t find alcohol in public places.

This experience proved to be instrumental in the creation of The Global F.C. It established the pillars of football, community, and culture and set the foundation for what’s to come. Read the full story, Find a Ball Spread the Love here.

Shot on: Nikon 35mm DSLR

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