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Our goal is to help players, parents, & fans understand the many different ways soccer can be a catalyst for change in your community, in the classroom, & in life. 


While your connection with the game may look different than those before you and those who come after, we exist to create a common DNA that transcends the barriers of race, religion, age and gender to shed light on the power of sport and education. 
The Global FC promise is rooted in years of sacrificing and studying the game of football and diving deep into the methodologies behind creating successful teams, players, and cultures. In the end, we wanted something fun and educational that would get us thinking about the game in new and innovative ways. So, whether you're  a niche fan looking for some footy inspiration, or a new fan looking to get involved, the FC Toolkit could be the best thing that's happened to your email inbox since the last time Arsenal won the league.
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