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America is the next global soccer hub & The Global FC is paving the way for the future of soccer in America & around the world.


The Problem

Soccer in America has failed to take off in the ways we imagined after the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Yes, its grown in popularity, yes it's grown at the youth level, but somehow, a country with over 300 million people, couldn't find 11 players and 1 coach to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Bollocks!

The US Soccer Federation has failed to foster a winning culture, and in the same vein, has failed the American soccer player, coach, and parent who have been vying for an opportunity to see their country compete at the highest level. While fingers will always be pointed towards those in charge, we understand growing the sport, and the culture that surrounds it, has its challenges. The American system is not set up to churn out talent like we see in Europe or South America. Rather, the American system is setup to encourage strength over technique, speed over heart, and talent over the willingness to learn. 

At the core:

  1. The US lacks a clear vision in defining the role of soccer in America.

  2. We are focused on developing athletes, not future leaders.


The Opportunity

We know it's bold to enter a market that appears saturated and is so dependant on the success of our national team. That said, this is a global community, and the changes we make today can have a positive impact on the future leaders of tomorrow. At the end of the day we need the skills to get up and keep going.

We use an insights-driven approach to help uncover pain points and areas for opportunity within the soccer community. To grow the game at the grassroots level we need to inspire, educate, and inform our fans on what it takes to be successful on and off the pitch.

In an effort to increase awareness, grow engagement, and promote the sport of soccer, we focus on all the little things that often get overlooked. From nutrition, to mental health, to becoming an active member of your community, our message to players, coaches, and parents is simple: If you believe in the game, it will believe in you. 

Join us as we help bridge the gap between the niche footballer and the new.

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